Our Linux and Mac based media centres can store music CDs and movies on a network storage disk, our last install on a 90m megayacht include 12Tb of storage, 22 Mac Minis and 22 ipTV streams from 3 separate gyro-stabilised antennas (one 2.4m and two 1.5m dish).


Our iSky entertainment system supports lossless audio and can store uncompressed audio tracks to give you pristine music quality. If you've got good amps and speakers, you'll appreciate the added audio resolution and the pleasing absence of the compressed sound that even a well-encoded, high-bitrate MP3 can possess. The lossless music tracks files are smaller than uncompressed WAV rips, but considerably larger than a good 320kbps or high-bitrate MP3 file. If you're going to be listening to it all on your high end audio system, you will notice the difference straight away.